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How to be a boss in 5 ways: The business can be started 2,500 euros

How to be a boss in 5 ways: The business can be started 2,500 euros

If you are not a person that have to work for somebody, the best nona-black-businesssolution is to start a business with minimal investment, and where it is possible quick money turnover.

To run some of these areas, with a little ingenuity, it is sufficient and 2,500 euros for start. However, experts argue whether we should rush or not. Every director will say that “fast” money is no longer easy to be made as before.

– The market has changed and you need to be careful. Many have opened their hairdressing salons, cafes, bakeries, and they quickly had to close down because they did not have enough traffic. People today have less money and competition is huge.

If you are brave one who decides to engage in business, we advise you to initially work up to 12 hours a day, to find yourself good collaborators and not squander money on raw materials. Here are some jobs where it is possible a quick refund and good earnings. You should keep in mind that each of these operations has its traps, which, and that a bad evaluation can lead you to bankruptcy.

For the hairdresser needed extension of about 30 square meters, and the rental of the space, which does not have to be in a pedestrian area, it costs 200 to 600 euros. For utilities per month, you should set aside at least 100 euros. It should also include the raw materials, about 500 euros, and paid contributions for one employee about 350 euros. With a little more traffic, monthly income could be about 2,000 euros, while expenses from 1200 to 1600, thus earning from 400 to 800 euros per month. You will feel besides a need to get rid of lower back pain relief (because of all those constant standing) a need to get rid of constant worry whether your business is going to work.business1

Agency Services
When the agency is at the beginning it can save space for services, because it you can adapt for these purposes a part of the apartment. One worker will cost you minimum 350 euros. For a computer is initially necessary to separate about 500 euros, and an additional count about 40 euros a month for internet connection and a bit more expensive utilities that apply to the company. If corporate-businessthe agency, for example, specializes in mediation in renting real estate agent commissions ranging from 30 to 50 percent of the rental value of the issued apartment. Cultivation of mushrooms
For this job, it is required a closed dark room of at least 50 square meters in which are inserted metal shelves. For a room should be separated at least 300 euros, while three raff lengths and height of two meters will cost you about 100 euros, and it takes at least 10 shelves. Mushrooms do not tolerate changes in temperature, and in such space must exist, and two air-conditioning equipment, which costs about 600 euros. In one tour in this area, it is possible to hold up to 500 bags of compost, each providing up to 5.5 kilograms of mushrooms. Revenue at such a tour on average is around 3,500 euros.

These were just examples much more you can ask our experts on this sites. You can learn so many things and learn al lot of tricks.